About Us

About Us

HEET Trade was established to provide solutions regarding customer needs within its sectors. We aim to address and provide maximum contribution to sectoral development.

HEET Trade Professional team and affiliated suppliers will meet the needs of customers with the right products, at the right time, with the best price and the highest quality. Our core principle behind our work ethic is to provide customer satisfaction from the beginning of the process to the end. We aim to provide solutions before and after sales.

HEET Trade’s team are experts in the procument and supply of goods at national and global level. This includes providing logistical services for food and non-food produce from all over the World.

For HEET Trade, ‘’quality’’ is not luxury but a necessity.

This concept is integral to our work allows us to offer the best quality service to our customers.


Our goal is to attain and improve the continuity of quality while meeting the demands and expectations of our customer’s product and services. Our vision is achieved by demanding superior performance from our suppliers and our staff in order to obtain excellence in product and system quality. As HEET Trade, we will contunie to evolve with all innovations and developments within this field, while carrying a principle of absolute customer satisfaction by upholding the sense of trust we have provided in the sector.


To increase the number of companies within the national market. In a market where people are motivated the competitive nature of the environment intensifies this increasing the responsibilities within our sector.

HEET Trade, holds value for

People at the highest regard. Respect and hospitality is one of our core values.

It is in the interest of this that following and keeping up to date with the techonological and sectoral developments worldwide assists us in maintaining a high standard service. By renewing and improving ourselves day by day and moving with the ever evolving market our grade of service is consistently maintained.